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Our Mission

Hope House Children's Relief (HHCR) seeks to fulfill our mission to orphans world wide. Today, HHCR is focused on its first children's home located in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Jalisco, Mexico.  It is our desire to expand in other areas of Mexico and Central America in the coming years and also to provide scholarships for higher education to young people whose situation puts this beyond their financial capablities.


Below is our mission statement, our approach to working with underprivileged children and focus to prepare them for productive lives.


Mission Statement

We are determined to break the cycle of abuse and neglect children have found themselves in and, as a result, raise a generation of productive, successful young men and women whose hope is founded meeing physical, mental and spiritual needs.


FIrst Build Relationships

Given their previous environments, our first goal is to let these children know that there are people who care and whom they can begin to learn to trust.


Second - Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Social Development

HHCR can provide abandoned, abused and poverty-stricken children with a safe and loving home, the opportunity to receive an education and a loving, supportive foundation so that they can have the hope of a better future.


Third - Solid Education for Each Child

As a result of their unstable backgrounds, the children tend to arrive at a children's home lagging behind in their grade levels in reading, writing and math skills. In fact, many have never been to school and those who have their skill levels in these basic areas are very poor.  At a Hope House Children's Relief  home every child has the opportunity to receive an education, which requires obtaining appropriate paperwork, such as birth certificates, vaccination records and so on, to first of all enable them to attend school and then work with them by helping with their homework and providing additional tutoring to achieve their grade level. This is a time intensive process.


HHCR can provide scholarships for those young people from homes that cannot afford higher education. The purpose is to give them the ability to advance their careers and become useful and productive in an ever increasing technological world.


Fourth - Teach Life Skills

HHCR can provide facilities and instruction to give the children the opportunity to develop transferable and marketable skills, including English, as well as trade craft and independent living skills.

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