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Spiritual Support



The vision of Hope House Children's Relief is driven by a quote in the Bible using Jesus as an example.


"And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man."


Following Jesus' example, everything we do at Hope House Children's Relief is driven by our desire to meet these four areas in the lives of the children under our care:


1. Wisdom - intellectual development

2. Stature - physical development

3. Favor with God - spiritual development

4. Favor with Man - social and emotional development


This vision is very much alive in the hearts and actions of those who currently volunteer and work at our first children's home at Hope House, Mexico.


Counseling is a crucial element in achieving our goal of returning optimally functioning individuals to society. The process can be described as follows. Working together with local and state government agencies within Latin America, we receive custody of minors removed by these agencies from high-risk environments. Once under our care and enrolled in our counseling program, we work to restore the shattered family unit, reconcile families and provide spiritual, moral and character development. 


As a result of participating in our counseling program, the children under our care are given the resources, tools, guidance and encouragement to reach their age-appropriate developmental level. This is fundamental for the child, once he or she reaches legal adult age, to successfully integrate back into society. Follow-up visits are also conducted with the child, and possibly with his or her family members if suitable, once he or she has reached legal adulthood and graduated from our institution.

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