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Future - A Vison of Expansion

HHCR's vision - Hope House Mexico has been an inspirational model of meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the orphaned children and has been a catalyst to launch HHCR.  HHCR will use the experience and model of Hope House Mexico in hopes of meeting needs of under privileged children in other places in the world.


Hope House Mexico has a vision of expansion beyond their current status.  Since Hope House Mexico’s inception several programs have been established to meet our goal of providing marketable and independent living skills.  The continuation of these programs is dependant on financial support and personnel.  Personnel often consists of volunteers willing to give of their time and talents to provide the necessary instruction.  Maintaining continuity with volunteers is a challenge.  Where possible, paid personnel produce a more robust program with continuity.  

Clearly as more capabilities are provided through the generosity of individuals and organizations, our ability to meet our goal of providing marketable skills increases.  Our desire is to move forward systematically and methodically.  For this reason, we have generated a Growth Plan that is continually updated to maintain continuity.  This plan summarizes what has been accomplished, what is in the process of being completed, and planned programs for the future, describing the need and estimated cost.

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