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Volunteer Opportunities

Over the years Hope House has had a number of volunteers come and help out however they can.  They have single people, couples or groups. There are a number of opportunities that exist that would tremendously help alleviate the workload of the staff and show the boys love from a variety of sources. Below are listed the requirements to as well as the existing opportunities as of 1 February 2018. This will be kept current as much as possible or just contact us for an update or more information.


  • All volunteers must be conversant in Spanish.

  • Please provide two (2) personal references that are non-family.

Current openings:

  • Laundry - Help our staff wash and fold clothes + linens for the boys.

  • General Cleaning - Our facilities need regular cleaning to stay beautiful; help us keep the house and buildings clean.

  • Morning school routine - Help the small children get ready for their afternoon classes.

  • Grounds work - Lawn mowing, weed whacking, and watering. Hope House owns the necessary equipment.

  • Wood shop - Skilled craftsmen can aid us in building and maintenance projects.

  • Painting - General painting indoors and outdoors.


If you are interested in helping us fill any volunteer openings, please contact us.


These are the only volunteer opportunities available at present. We welcome visitors to Hope House and offer tours of the campus. Please confirm a date and time with us before your visit.

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