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Children's Schooling


Advancing education, providing educational opportunities and life skill training to our children, is critical to HHCR's mission. Hope House Mexico meets this schooling mission as well as employee training as well.  The majority of the children under our care come to us without any official documentation or public records, such as a certificate of birth or vaccination record. We work to obtain these documents, ensuring the child is registered and can attend school. Once the child is enrolled, we provide tutors and mentors to assist the child in achieving his or her age-based performance level in the classroom.


In addition to the educational and vocational training opportunities, we also provide health education in areas such as pregnancy prevention, family planning and STD prevention. Hygiene education is also taught and includes subject matter such as personal hygiene, personal care and disease prevention. 


Employee Training and Mentoring


Providing professional employee training and education is essential to the success and longevity of each orphanage and children's home under our care.  A well trained staff member will help reduce the risks of potential mishaps within each children's home, will condition the employee to give his or her best in any given task and, most importantly, will ensure our children receive the highest quality care possible. Providing the training and resources necessary for each employee's development is paramount to the success of our mission.


Employee training and education includes some of the following: employee evaluations, employee counseling, seminars, conferences, question and answer forums and team building exercises as well as the impartation of manuals, procedures and other digital and printed materials.


Higher Education


One of our first observations on arriving in Mexico was what the future held for young people.  Coming from countries were college education is important for a better future, we noticed that young people either followed the footsteps of their parents or ended up on the streets with no solid career to fall on.  The primary factor was that although an opportunity existed for higher education, it was financially out of their reach.  The sad part is that college education, by US standards, is very inexpensive.  We feel a scholarship type program is warranted and include that as part of the overall mission of HHCR.


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