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Privacy Policy


It is the policy of Hope House Children's Relief, Inc. to honestly share the challenges and situations we face. We make these needs and potential solutions known so that our ministry partners can prayerfully consider sharing financially.


We believe all true gifts come as God moves in the hearts of His people. Our joy is to inform and give opportunity without imposing undue obligation or pressure.



The identity of our donors is kept confidential. We will never sell or rent names to other organizations. We pledge to be responsible in our management, truthful in our advertising, and cost-effective in our finances.


As responsible stewards, when funding requirements for a designated need or project have been met, it is our policy to apply any remaining funds to the next priority, project, or pressing need.

For purposes of ensuring a continuing tax exempt status HHCR will invoke the following policies.  HHCR will maintain ultimate authority to use contributions made at the donors discretion for purposes consistent with our exempt purposes.  Also, frequent site visits and employee and child interviews will be conducted on the campus of each orphanage and children's home by members of the board and/or qualified, appointed volunteers, in addition to the submission and revision of accounting records and receipts and written employee progress reports to verify that all funds received from our organization are being used to further HHCR tax exempt purposes.

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