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Get Involved with HHCR

There are a number of ways of getting involved with the overall mission of HHCR.  This can be through financial support, volunteering time or donating supplies.  At this point opportunities to get involved with HHCR exist only with our first children's home, Hope House in Mexico.  

Get Involved in Mexico 

To see a smile on a boy’s face who thought no one cared, to see a boy learning a new skill, when he previously did not even have basic arithmetic skills, or to see hope in his eyes when there was none is a life impacting experience that we cherish.  HHCR's desire is to have others also share in this experience at Hope House Mexico.

At Hope House Mexico there are a range of opportunities to positively change the lives of these boys is very broad.  These go from simply supporting the boys, staff and volunteers in prayer, to investing time and/or funds for projects or the daily needs of the boys.  Teams have come from churches, schools and service organizations to perform general maintenance work, new construction or to conduct sports camps.  Local volunteers have provided some of their time teaching new skills, doing projects or shuttling boys to and from schools or to a local doctor.   Please help.

Prayer Support

We believe in the power of prayer.  James 5:16 says "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." So we would ask you to pray for the boys, staff and leadership.

Financial Support


Gifts Catalog is funding for daily care, feeding and education of the boys needed to run the home. The Gifts Catalog allow you to choose the areas you wish to support.  Gifts in this area are for ongoing monthly support.  If you choose to help your credit card will be drafted each month and spent how you determinw.


Projects are large funding requirements that many times also need the support of a team to implment.  Past examples include constructing sidewalks, retaining walls, and related facilities needs.  Other past projects include the construction and equipment for the wood shop and aquaponics agricultural center used to support life-skills and vocational training. Currently there are a number of projects in our growth plan.  We are focused on raising funds for the following three; dormitory construction, retaining wall construction, and side walk construction.  Projects are listed at the bottom of the Gifts Catalog.


Donations are undesignated funds that are greatly appreciated and put toward our most urgent needs.  Thank you for supporting us however you can.  Donations in any dollar amount are found at the bottom of the gifts catalog.




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