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The children's home has three major areas of cost; direct costs for each child, operations overhead costs for the entire house, and large capital projects. Below are the breakdowns for each of these major areas. For the direct cost of each child we request you meet the need of one or more children every month.  For operations overhead cost we request multiple people partner to meet the need every month.  For capital projects we are also request multiple people to partner and meet the need.  If any area is over funded Hope House leadership will apply your gift toward other urgent needs.  You can read more detail by clicking on each item.  Donations are then possible through clicking on the appropriate button on the right.

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General Donation

Special Need

Direct Cost for Each Child Donations

Overhead Cost for Whole House

Project Donations

Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee:  Keep in mind that when using a credit or debit card for one-time or recurring donations, the payment processor charges a 3.3% transaction fee, which they will deduct from your donation amount that HHCR receives.  Alternately you may donate a little extra to help defray this expense.  Or a Bank Account Transfer does NOT incur this fee.


Check:  Make out to: Hope House Children's Relief

               Send to:         2163 Lima Loop 071198, Laredo, TX 78045

               Provide email address for confimration of receipt


Secured Connection: HHCR is compliant with the Payment Card Industry data security standard (PCI).

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