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What We Do

Hope House Children's Relief seeks to do more than just meet the urgent care needs of the underprivileged children under their sponsorship. Urgent care addresses challenges and issues of "today". But the question is "what about tomorrow?"  This is really where the rubber meets the pavement.   Life is more than shelter and food for today. When the children become older and need to fend for themselves, they need the tools necessary to face the challenges of each day.  


Hence our goal is to properly equip the child in our various children's homes and those from families with insufficient funds for higher education to provide for the future.  Equiping the children in our care not only focuses on their physical needs, such as, care/food/facilities, but on their spiritual and emotional needs, education and vocational training.


Currently, our first children's home, Hope House Mexico, is meeting each of these needs in an excellent fashion as can be seen in each of the items in the pull down menu "What We Do".

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