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HHCR's first children's home is Hope House Mexico. In 2008, Hope House Mexico purchased a home that has been renovated to serve up to 30 boys. The initial renovation included: creating individualized storage areas for the boys to give them personal identity, installing sufficient water and sewage lines and altering the kitchen structure to provide additional space for food preparation.  More recently a large outdoor terrace area has been converted to a kitchen/dining facility designed to provide services for up to 80 individuals.  As part of the new kitchen facility, commercial appliances were donated in order to prepare and cook for a larger number of people. A workshop with dormitories above it and a large aquaponics system have been constructed on the empty lot.  The wood shop has been outfitted with professional quality woodworking tools.  The workshop, garden and fish tanks are the beginning of facilities to provide the boys with life-enhancing skills.


All current facilities are contained on two lots.  The first lot has the main house, front office, dining facility, new dormitory facility and laundry.  The second lot consists of the workshop, staff dorms and aquaponics.  It will also be the location of a future soccer field.






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