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Donation Options1

There are three options for providing donations. The first allows for donating to a specific area but more importantly to setup up automatic recurring donations.  The second optionis to to donate through PayPal and the final is to donate directly by check.

1. Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer

The children's home has three major areas to provide support; General Donations that cover normal operational costs, scholarship program, large capital projects and special needs. General donations are the most common form.  However, some donors prefer to specify donations for projects or for special needs.  So those options are provided and the donations will be appropriately applied.  Below are the breakdown for each of these major areas.

General Donations


You can make a general donation that can be used as Hope House leadership best sees fit.  The donations are used to provide food, shelter, clothing, transportation and schooling for the boys and the staff required to provide a comfortable, loving and secure environment.  You can choose this to be a one-time or a recurring gift. Be aware that regardless of the amount of a donation, that, when combined with others, goes a long way to meet general operational expenses. By agreeing to support this need your credit/debit card will be charged or your bank transfer will occur one-time or monthly depending on your choice.


Click the button on the right for a general donation.



Scholarship Program


Mexican law stipulates that children cannot remain in homes, such as Hope House, beyond the age of 18.  There currently are three boys that are 16. When they reach 18, the choices are: (1) Send them back out on the streets, (2) Help them find a job or (3) Aid in receiving a higher education, either in a university or technical school. For the last two choices the boys would live in the Transition House.   Tuition for Mexican universities and technical schools is significantly less than in the US.  For example, one can receive a law degree for approximately $350 per semester. Tuition is low since students  have to pay back by giving community service.  Their other option is technical school.  Four boys are already attending a technical school.  Cost for a formal technical school is a $40 inscription fee and then $15 per week for materials.  This is for each boy.  Only qualified boys would receive a scholarship in that they would have to maintain good grades and show interest.  The Hope House Children's Relief 501(c)3 has purposely been written to allow for this type of support.  These donations would be kept separate and totally dedicated for higher education.

Additionally Scholarship funds are required for in-house tutoring. This requires one teacher in the morning for boys attending afternoon school and a teacher in the afternoon for boys attending morning school. The boy's performance in school has been significantly enhanced with the in-house tutoring program. Hence, it has been shown to be a very worthwhile investment in the boy's future. In-house tutoring costs for two teachers amounts to $150 per week for the two teachers.


Click the button on the right for the scholarship/tutoring program


Capital Projects


The following is a current list of capital projects.  Except for the ESL, music and computer training, which are monthly for an instructor, the others are total cost of the project.  The details of the projects are given here.


Click the appropriate button on the right for selected project.


                             New Van - $15,000


                             ESL, Music and Computer Training - $180/month


                             Vocational Training - Gardening - $7,000


                             Vocational Training - Woodshop - $15,000


Special Needs

Special Insurance Need

Currently the staff is not insured.  This is a benefit that is of extreme importance for staff members and their families.  This is also a government requirement. Insurance is currently not in the budget and is, therefore, in addition to daily operational expenses.  Hope House has 17 staff members that require insurance. The government organization that assists public health is Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS).  The additional insurance cost for the entire staff is $2,000/month.  Hope House is required to provide this insurance immediately.  By agreeing to support this need your credit/debit card will be charged monthly at the amount you designate, or you can choose to make a one-time donation.

Click the button on the right for donations to Special Needs.

2. Donate Via PayPal Giving Fund with Zero Fee

Since PayPal has verified that Hope House Children's Relief is a charity in good standing, all fees will be paid through the PayPal Giving Fund. .

Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee:  Keep in mind that when using a credit or debit card for one-time or recurring donations, the payment processor charges a 3.3% transaction fee, which they will deduct from your donation amount that HHCR receives.  Alternately you may donate a little extra to help defray this expense.  A Bank Account Transfer incurs a 1% fee.  Direct by check or PayPal Giving Fund do NOT incur this fees.

3. Donate Directly by Check with Zero Fee


Check:  Make out to: Hope House Children's Relief

               Send to:         2163 Lima Loop 071198, Laredo, TX 78045

               Provide email address for confimation of receipt


Secured Connection: HHCR is compliant with the Payment Card Industry data security standard (PCI).

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