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Hail Storm Damage

A Very rare hail storm struck Hope  House. Damage was extensive as the hail stones were the size of golf balls and maybe even bigger. The photos below depict some of the damage. Damage estimates are also given below.  The total cost estimate ison the order of $7,000.

unnamed (4).jpg

   Hail Stone                                      Broken Solar Tubes                                    Collapsed Aquaponics Roof                                                    Broken Yard Lights

Repair Estimates

Solar panel tubing (65 pieces): $1,200 USD

Purchase metal screen protectors for solar panel tubing: $350 USD

Replace all outdoor lighting fixtures and emergency lights: $550 USD

**Urgent**Trim trees and remove dangerous broken branches that could fall at any time: $450 USD

**Urgent** Replace several broken windows throughout the house: $450 USD

Replace Aquaponics support posts and shade cloth covering: $600 USD

**Urgent** Cover the area of the two broken skylights with cement (not replacing glass): $200 USD

Replace tejaban” (tiled roof): $160 USD

Repair doors $100 USD

Repair screens (on windows and doors): $80 USD

Remove dents and damages to Toyota: $400 USD

Replace outdoor and repair cables of the camera system purchase a warranty for new cameras: $2000 USD

Other items/needs that may be more easily donated/Otras cosas/necesidades:

6 large plastic outdoor trash bins with lids (for organizing trash and for dirty clothes)

4 medium plastic outdoor trash bins with lids 

8 Indoor brooms

2 Outdoor brooms

10 mops

2 rakes

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