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August 2016 Happenings for Hope House in Mexico

We have decided to begin a newsletter, to be published on a monthly basis, más o menos, informing our friends and family of what is happening at Hope House in Mexico.  The newsletter will provide updates on the boys, especially the new ones, a little insight into the staff, teams, vocational training, projects and items of special interest.  Many of our friends have expressed interest in what is going on.  This is our answer to that.  If you know of someone that would be interested in Hope House in Mexico updates they can subscribe at the bottom of this page.


A copy of last month's newsletter can be found here.


The Boys














One new boy joined us in the last month.  We now total 23.  Let us introduce you to him.  His name is Aron and he is 9 years old.  He is the one without glasses and Number 77.


If you haven't met our youngest, he is the one with the glasses.  His name is Jimy (only one "m" in Mexico).  When he came to us several months ago he was only 1 1/2 years old.  He is now 2. He is adored by everyone.



















The staff member we would like to introduce you to this week is Sergio, our maintenance person.  He has been and is a real asset to Hope House in Mexico.  He is one of those people who doesn't need to be told what requires repairing, he sees those things and takes care of them.  A big load off of everyone's minds.  He also helps out in driving the boys to school in the van, delivering woodshop products and generally anything that needs to be done, and without complaint.  

Here is a little insight into Sergio.  He was asked several questions and here are his responses.

  1. How long have been at Hope House in Mexico? - 2 years

  2. How did you hear about Hope House? - I have known the founders for years and performed masonry work at Hope House before before applying for my current position.

  3. How do you like your work? -  I am pleased because the people I work with recognize and appreciate my abilities.

  4. What is it you really like about your job? - All, I really like is to repair, try to solve the needs of Hope House and  my leaders ask me my opinion.




Several times per year teams come to do projects and work with the boys.  In July a team came down from Grace Bible Fellowship (GBF) in CA.  They have been here every year since 2012 and the boys have always looked forward to them coming back.  The boys not only remember who this team is but they remember the names of those who have been here before.  GBF runs a sports camp for the boys as well as completing crafts with them. So there is a lot of one-on-one time with them   They also share Bible stories and testimonies of their own lives.  All of this is very beneficial for the boys to grow as whole individuals and definitely gives them hope for the future.  Below are photos showing them in action in the games they play and in the devotional time together. The team sleeps and eats on campus and so they are close to the boys all the time.  One of the highlights is a visit to the local water park, Tobolandia. 

If you would be interested in volunteering in this capacity, Read More about working as a team or contact team support directly





























As we mentioned in our last newsletter, Hope House in Mexico scored very well on all the numerous points of a recent inspection.  Our staff, dedicated to giving these boys hope, are the key component of the high scores. The high government scores are both good news and bad news.   The good news is we received official certification from the government and this ministry opportunity stays open.  The bad news is we are highly appreciated by the government and they keep sending us new boys but with very little supporting funds.  This puts a strain on Hope House in Mexico because "How do you say 'No' to someone like 1 1/2 year old Jimy" not knowing where he might up if Hope House didn't say "yes".














To meet the shortfall we currently scrimp and save wherever it is possible.  This sometimes includes delaying repair on vehicles, delaying much needed maintenance and even so far as postponing staff salaries.  Your donation, regardless of size, will help minimize the pain of this process.






You too can make a difference.


Even the smallest donation helps a boy have the safety, security and love

of a home environment plus the education to succeed in life.




School is about ready to begin again in August.  As we had mentioned previously, even though schools are public, there is a cost associated with them.   A local volunteer donor provided all the supplies you see in the photo. These supplies will definitely go a long way in helping the boys receive the education they would not have, before coming to Hope House, but definitely do deserve.  Even the smallest donation will go a long way to giving the boys hope for the future.

Over the years we have been asked by volunteer donors what the real need is.  Obtaining support for projects seems to be easier than meeting operational expenses.  This is a phenomenon due to the fact that results of a project can be seen.  To make operational needs visible, we devised the illustration of the boy's silhouette.  The unfilled portion of the silhouette depicts a shortfall in operational funds.  From this the need is easily observed and even the smallest donation will help make the boy whole.  This illustration will appear each month as it is updated with the received donations. This month the shortfall is a little more than $4,000, including government mandated insurance or IMSS (Read More).

Previous Updates


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