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September 2016 Happenings for Hope House in Mexico

We have decided to begin a newsletter, to be published on a monthly basis, más o menos, informing our friends and family of what is happening at Hope House in Mexico.  The newsletter will provide updates on the boys, especially the new ones, a little insight into the staff, teams, vocational training, projects and items of special interest.  Many of our friends have expressed interest in what is going on.  This is our answer to that.  If you know of someone that would be interested in Hope House in Mexico updates they can subscribe at the bottom of this page.


A copy of last month's newsletter can be found here.


Our Boys





















No new boys have been added this month and one has left.  Therefore, the current total number of boys is 22.
However, above are a few pictures of the boys with various activities.  The first picture at the top is of Mateo with his new backpack getting ready to go to Kindergarten for the first time. Mexican children attend kindergarten for three years. The next photo of Dani, who won the footrace during Dia de Independencia celebrations in Ixtlahuacan. Speaking of Dia de Independencia, the boys looked the part, as shown in the lower two photos.


Our Staff

The staff member we would like to introduce you to this week is Vicky, our general director of operations.  She has been and is a real asset to Hope House in Mexico.  She is amazing in how she has a handle on everything and, when asked to provide any administrative material, she not only knows where it is but provides copies immediately. A tremendous help in keeping Hope House running smoothly.  

Here is a little insight into Vicky. She was asked several questions and here are her responses.


  • How long have been at Hope House in Mexico? - 2 years, 9 months

  • How did you hear about Hope House? - Through looking at flyers while in a store in Ixtlahuacan.

  • How do you like your work? - I feel very happy and content. I am very comfortable working, because it is an excellent working environment.

  • What is it you really like about your job? - Helping others with children (and feel very useful).

  • What do you do in your spare time and days off? - I spend my days with my family especially with my children and husband. I am also studying and attending school as an undergraduate in Human Resource Management.


Our Volunteers










Local volunteers help significantly in Hope House activities wherever they can. The first photo is a volunteer, named Randy, who is one of the volunteer van drivers.  This job can be time consuming as there are two different sessions of school everyday and the boys attend Primaria, Secundaria y Preparatoria, equivalent to Elementary, Middle School and High School.  This is in addition to some special needs schools. That's a lot of driving! Randy and his wife MarLyn have recently moved to Costa Rica where they will be continuing their Spanish Language studies and volunteer activities.  MarLyn dedicated countless volunteer hours working in the Upscale Resale Consignment Bazaar from which Hope House receives a monthly donation.  They will both be greatly missed!  The other photo shows the boys unloading food that was the result of Bill and Bonnie shopping at the Mercado de Abastos for the month of September.


Boys Supporting Hope House








The boys also get involved in supporting Hope House financially.  Thefirst photo is the boys helping with a bazaar at the Plaza in Ixtlahuacan.  Bazaars in the area often serve as additional funding sources for local charities.  The next photo is of the boys and their wood shop instructor, Ever (center) selling some of the products from the workshop at another bazaar.  Clearly, every bit helps.



Vocational Training - Carpentry









The workshop is characterized by by three goals.  The first is to work custom projects at the request of customers.  These typically consist of furniture and cabinets like those shown in the photos.  The projects are executed by our volunteer experienced carpenters and the workshop instructor.  The products are sold for, at a minimum, the cost of materials.  Any amount given over and above the material costs is used to help fund Hope House in Mexico and the work shop.  A second goal is to train the boys in the basics of carpentry and the related math and safety skills, in order to give them a good start in life when they must leave the home. Our volunteer carpenters take the time to train and groom Ever, our Mexican staff member, for his job in both training the boys and helping with projects as he becomes more proficient. Ever is training the boys to make quality products that also can be sold.  The workshop products can be seen in our online catalog.


























You too can make a difference.


Even the smallest donation helps a boy have the safety, security and love

of a home environment plus the education to succeed in life

Here is the silhouette of our boy waiting to be supported.  Again, the unfilled portion of the silhouette depicts a shortfall in operational funds.  The lighter colored area shows that we received a few relatively large one time donations recently.  But after this month, those funds will be gone. The solid color has increased slightly because some recurring donations were received.   What we need are more recurring donations, to replace the one time donations that were received in September.  Even the smallest donation will help make the boy whole.  This illustration will continue to appear each month as it is updated with the received donations. This month the shortfall is a little more than $2,000, because of the welcome one time donations, but normally remains just around $4,000 less then budget, including the currently received recurring donations.  Remember, this a $4,000 shortfall in our monthly operations. Your gift can make a big difference! Please consider partnering with us.

Even the smallest donation helps a boy have the safety, security and love of a home environment, plus the education to succeed in life.


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